Reaching the mid-life crossroad ...

Mid-life...reaching the moment of truth, you are confronted with a painful reality; you acknowledge carrying the opened wounds and of hurting experiences, of unfulfilled dreams and of personal losses; you sense your efforts of survival and adjustements no longer leading you anywhere.

Joseph Campbell, anthropologist, illustrates this stage very well using this metaphore: We spend the first thirty-five or forty years of our existence climbing a tall ladder in order to finally reach the top of a building; then once we're on the roof, we realize it's the wrong building."

Mid-life is the point in one's life where normally you expect to start gathering the fruits of all those years of education and work experiences, but instead you're suddenly caught off-guard with devastating disappointments.

You mourn the loss of a child or spouse due to a tragic accident or due to illness; you struggle with a matrimonial break-up and divorce; your family physician diagnoses a terminal illness and your days are numbered; you lose a good job and your financial security is endangered... In very simple words, you feel like the floor suddenly crumbled under your feet.

This website will represent dual goals:

education about mid-life: its concerns and it's journey bringing renewal in your life

individual and/or collective support in a private, secured and confiding environment.

Reaching the crossroad of life can be a time of crisis, but also a time for a new beginnings.

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Visitors comments:

December 08, 2010

Thank you so much for creating this space for fellow mid-life pilgrims like me. It is very heartening to know that there will always be a space in this big space called the Net to find words of encouragement. Keep it up!

Irma from the Philippines

I think more people need to be made aware of this site. Very helpful information. I'm at the mid-life stage and some of these symtoms I struggle with. Save people trips to the Doctors office.

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