Depression is a disease that can strike anyone, regardless of wealth, status, fame or education

Mid-life depression is more than just a moral weakness, a character deficiency or a lack of emotional control. Whether you are male or female your attitude may differ, but regadless, your symptoms are the same.

What's the matter with me? Why do I feel this way: suicidal, negative, and non-energic? I wish I could simply get out of bed, shake myself up and walk back to my activities like before, but I can't even think straight! I struggle to meet my most basic needs...if only I can sleep...but I toss-and-turn all night, I feel unable to relax, my head is spinning with racing negative thoughts of despair, of frustratons and...the anxiety...butterflies in my stomach...I'm physically aking all over... tension in all my body muscles... heart palpitations, panic attacks... I see my world dark and catastrophic. The nights are endless, and just as endless are the days... why bother... I don't see my future to be bright and promising...My life is meaningless, or dying makes no difference to me...!

My message of empathy

I draw these words with profound empathy and compassion. So many people, by the millions suffer of this common but misunderstood illness. We make no story about coronary illnesses, cancer of physical disorders. Why do mid-life adults, overwhelmed by stress and concerns to the extend of sensing is mind falling apart and breaking into pieces, be treated differently?

Numerous are the triggers of mid-life depression

  • economical downfall occasioning job losses,
  • matrimonial and interpersonal relationship issues,
  • unresolved grieving due to losses,
  • inability to forgive,
  • genetical and/or physical issues.
  • I quote writer, William Styron:

    " In depression faith in deliverance, in ultimate restoration is absent.The pain is unrelenting and what makes the condition intolerable is the foreknowledge that no remedy will come, not in a day, an hour, a month or a minute. It is hopelessness ever more than pain that crushes the soul. "


    It is my intention to help you and your loved-ones journey into a better understanding of your struggles. Please consider that:

  • you are not alone as there are thousands of people suffering this illness just like you;
  • you are not crazy;
  • you will recover if you give yourself the chance,
  • something positive will come out from this experience.
  • Understanding your type of depression its signs and symptoms will help you to bring relief in your mid-life-depression. There are many types of depression and depending on your type the therapeutic approach his different. To discover the types of depressions and its characteristics, the signs and symptoms you need to click on this link:



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