Mid-life renewal is synonymous to inner-freedom, peace and harmony

Mid-life renewal is synonymous to inner-freedom, peace and harmony. The whole purpose of mid-life consists of re-establishing unity, coherence and equilibrium between every elements of our personality - whether physiological, psychological/emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

How do we bring these personality elements to work hand-in-hand creating the inner-freedom and peace you hope to receive? How do we know you have achieved this harmony?

You are in harmony with your body:

Welcome your body as a gift and unconditionally. Your body is a gift of life shared to you; it’s not your property. You have no control over life, over love and over death therefore you need to respect this gift… In our individualistic society terrible misinterpretations are made in this regard. Refuse to harass your body with overly excessive stress – which can include chemical products that can destroy your health. Pay attention and learn to interpretate your body's needs and fulfill them. How would you treat your new born child or toddler? Do the same for you body.

You are in harmony with your emotions:

You learn to acknowledge them, to respect them and to express them freely and accurately. So much stress instigates so much mixed emotions and repressing them just destroys you from the inside.Exercise pressure on a coil and see what happens; it bounces right back in your face!

You are not an island. People live with you and can also be impacted by your emotions, so take into consideration their feelings and needs as well.

Last, but not least, do not let your emotions drive you into making decisions you might regret – particularly when it involves interpersonal relationships and life decisions.

You are in harmony with your mind:

Use your intelligence wisely and with creativity in order to build a world of justice and harmony around you.

You are above animals and vegetation for your ability to think, to meditate, to contemplate and to create, but you are also part of this universal cosmos – as an interdependent element of nature as well. Nature depends on you and you depend on her for your gift of life.

Learn to understand and appreciate nature; help her to survive without manipulation or abuse. Too much damage as been done to the environment; we underestimated our responsibility to be the guardians of nature. As an outcome, our environment as reached a stage of crisis and endangerement.

Our intelligence is a great gift – but limited. There are mysteries about life we cannot put into words or even explain; we must respect that.

Last, but not least, you must recognize your own limits and errors as you are an individual with imperfections – in a constant stage of personal growth. Humility is the key to mind harmony, in opposition to rational justification. This leads us to our next element:

Harmony with your heart and soul:

There are mysteries that human intelligence cannot put into words and one of them is the mystery of the existence of your heart and soul. Friendship, love, peace, harmony, unity, freedom and the gift of life are other examples of intellectually intangible realities. We acknowledge them with the intelligence of the heart and soul, or faith.

The existence of a Superior Being – A spirit of Wisdom and Love - who reigns above all and maintains all things into planned existence is another example. The human intelligence cannot grasp this mystery but the intelligence of our heart and soul can.

The All Mighty has established behavioural guidelines that we must follow for the purpose of social harmony. We have transgressed them out of pride and in the name of individualism, and replaced them with the Charter of rights code. Now don't interpretate me wrong; I am not saying that I disagree with this chart, but unfortunately - written by humans, there are loop holes and where there are loop holes, there are victims! Consider the rights for the unborn - as an example!

Transgressing those laws resulted in the type of society we now live in today - a society in which we feel insecure.

To reach mid-life renewal you must live in righteousness. Your thoughts and your behaviour must cooperate harmoniously revealing and building a world of peace around you. (Living responsibly, non-selfishly…)This also means learning to welcome others unconditionally. (without racism, without prejudice)


Journeying through mid-life is a journey inwards working our way to inner-freedom, harmony and unity within ourselves, with others, with the universe and the All Mighty. A challenging program: we cannot do this without the All Mighty's assistance.

You probably visualized your mid-life journey to be a challenging episode of psychological and social transformation or community integration, which isn't false, but incomplete.

You will find many websites developing this aspect of the mid-life journey. But the mid-life journey goes much deeper than that. We are not just biological or emotional human beings but also spiritual.

Our thirst for life, for love, for peace and unity confirms this. We strive for much more than just having a good job, material goods and prestigious glory.

We are also confronted with limits: one of them being death. Weather we like it or not, we are in this world for a short time period. So, how do we instigate renewal – freedom, unity and harmony in the midst of sufferings, of aging and even death? The spiritual mid-life journey is the answer. How can we instigate inner-freedom and harmony if we deny or neglect our inner spirit?

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