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Self-Esteem, the Key-Element for Instigating Mid-life Renewal

Low self-esteem is the most common challenging concern when reaching mid-life, a concern often triggering many others.

Jean Mombourquette, psychologist,describes low self-esteem as the inability for an individual to recognize and appreciate himself as a unique gifted individual - that holds abilities for performing good deeds. As a result,this person sees the world very negatively.

You are a precious gift of Life and Love! No matter the outcome situation in which you entered into this life, you are here for a reason: to discover and to accomplish the mission for which you are called.

Why do so many people feel worthless, not belonging to anyone or anywhere in this time and generation?

The reason is simple:

  • They don't know themselves
  • They don't believe in themselves
  • They don't like themselves
  • They feel estranged in their own flesh and soul
  • How can you begin to appreciate life, to appreciate others and discover your call of mission, if you don’t believe in yourself?

    From the moment of conception, you carry within you, all the gifts and tools to help you discover and realize this personal life mission - which is not necessarily a job, by the way! I will elaborate this in further details when I develop the theme:

    Discover your Mission. For now, pay attention to this potential hidden within you! Try to discover it! Maybe you didn't even know you carried those blessings!

    Let me share a personal analogy.

    I am daughter of the Generation X or generation of transition.(born in the early 1960’s) O.K.,I have no more you know how old I am!

    (See the note on Generation X for more details)

    In 1974, high school teachers warned us about the transitional changes that we were about to encounter in the near future – computers replacing people and eliminating plenty of potential jobs.

    In 1974, there were no computer classes available in my High School, not even in 1980 - the year I graduated! This is the generation trapped between two different periods: the baby-boomer generation and the computer-aged generation! You might even be one of them!

    I learned to use a computer for the first time in 1999 – I took an office administrative clerk course for a year in 2003! Anyone having told me than, that I would be building a website on mid-life renewal someday was bound to receive a very ironical smile and comment! Surprise!

    Here I am,six years later, communicating this message to you on a website - Thanks to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and his book:The Power of Intention - Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way and this wonderful SiteSell(SBI)website company!

    For more information about SBI listen to the message on this video:

    Remember that mid-life is a time for new beginnings. I can’t stress this often enough! As you journey in instigating positive self-esteem, my dream for you consists of inspiring you with hope, with confidence and a little enthusiasm.

    Do I see you smile!?!


    Be positive, begin to dream...

    Once upon a time...a person had an idea...a simple thought...this thought inspired a promising dream... with faith, with hope and with persevering hard work, this dream became real...

    May this story become yours!




    This generation found itself wedged in the corner in the lower echelons of jobs with weaker wages, and, besides having to negotiate with high property rates transfered by the preceded Boomers. At the time when Boomers first started to retire (Generation X (now in the thirties) finally saw themselves given a chance of advancement but the younger generation much more trained in computer science and technology and much younger in age benefit while this generation tries to make ends meet.

    Translated from the French Dossier Génération X from website L'Encyclopédie de l'Agora


    De l'estime de soi à l'estime du Soi- De la psychologie à la spiritualité, Jean Monbourquette, Editions Novalis, 2002 LINKS:


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