Visualize Your Mid-Life Outcome

"Mid-life concerns should gear us into action not into depression!" Put on your hard hat and your safety-toe boots as we will now begin. It might be a challenging experience, but with faith,hope and determination this can also become an opportunity for personal transformation. As you learn to overcome your struggles you will discover:

  • your true identity as an individual;
  • your mission in this world;
  • an inner-feeling of peace and harmony
  • The following pages will introduce you to the most common mid-life concerns. I will identify and classify them according to the following four categories:

  • psychological
  • spiritual
  • interpersonal relationship concerns
  • Discovering your mission
  • As an advice to help you bring mid-life-coherence, begin a daily journal and start writing about your reactions and feelings. In the meantime, here are some books that could be of support instigating renewal into your mid-life concerns. Remember it is never too late for new beginnings instigating mid-life-renewal.