Don't Wait Until Your Mid-Life Concerns Break You Into Pieces ... Seak Professional Mental-Health Therapy!

Here you are in this transitional mid-life stage, journeying seriously towards renewal - trying to build yourself a life - but something is wrong...! You feel hurt, shame, disappointment...Maybe you surprise yourself grumbling about the past...or grieving the loss of someone you just can't let go...You wish your life to be different...Maybe you've been someone's victim and you still feel the pain and resentment... You might have been carrying all this weight for months or even years...

The sooner your instigate closure to your life-history, the sooner your journey of transition will bloom with promising opportunities of renewal.

In a case where opened wounds of passed issues have remained opened and unresolved there is the recourse of professional therapy to help you recover.

The following guidelines could be of valuable support in your discernement as to whether or not professional mental-health therapy can be necessary for you:

  • You feel overwhelmed with anger,despair and depression
  • You feel no joy or satisfaction in life.
  • You're usually healthy, but now you feel sick.
  • You’re missing more and more time from work.
  • You cannot get over the death of someone you love very much.
  • You feel passive about life to the extent that your living security is endangered.
  • You drown your concerns using narcotics or alcohol.
  • You feel suicidal.
  • To Help you Discern the Need of Professional Therapy

    How can I find help?

  • Talk to a close family member or friend for their recommendations about a reference for good psychotherapy.

  • Contact your primary-care physician for a referral.

  • Contact a local hospital and ask about mental health clinic services.

  • Find the number of the Mental Health Association in your area and ask for names of registered psychologists, ask for references.

  • Inquire the support of your church pastor of your faith organisation.

    For more information on mental health services

    Don’t let the feeling of humiliation get in your way! Your health is your most valuable gift of life,the time and efforts you invest in its care will become your most precious reward.

    Respective mid-life therapy to remediate for the respective identified mid-life concern

    Choosing the right mental health support for your needs could be a little challenging. Here are a few tips for you to consider in your research:

  • Are you ready and willing to invest the necessary time and effort in your journey to recovery?
  • Have you set yourself a budget?
  • What type of therapy are you searching for:

  • Group?
  • Individual?
  • Matrimonial?
  • professional consultation?
  • Choosing the assistance of a professional assistant does not mean choosing a friend; you’re choosing someone who will respect your personality and your values; you will need to open-up in all confidence to this person. You need to feel safe with this person.

    Who are these different mental health specialists and what are their respective specialties


    They are medical doctors with a specialty in treating psychiatric disorders. They may treat your problem with medication and/or talk therapy also called cognitive therapy.


    They are PH-D professionals with no medical training. They use counselling or talk therapy (cognitive therapy) as well as other other therapeutic approaches such as :

  • psychological evaluations
  • neurofeedback
  • biofeedback

    They are not always fully covered by the public health insurance;their service does not necessarily require a referral from a family physician.


    They may or may not have formal training or certification by a professional mental health organization or be qualified to treat psychological disorders.


    Assist people with personal, family, educational, mental health, financial and career decisions or problems.

    Pastoral councillors:

    May or may not be certified. They are religious leaders whose counselling integrates behavioural sciences to their religious approach of assistance.

    For more information on finding professional assistance

    Good Luck in your decision! are God's most greatest miracle...I strongly believe this! He created you to be happy, so give yourself all the opportunities or renewal; Your mental health therapy could be the beginning of renewal for you. The time you allow yourself for healing is never wasted; you will claim your reward at the end!

    We must respect each individual's decision and freedom. My next subject will be about prevention. Are you concerned about the welfare of your loved-one? Do you feel he or she is suicidal? You're not sure. The next encounter will be for you to read, as a must! Don't hesitate! You could be saving someone's life!

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    Christine Hassell, LMFT. is A California licensed psychotherapist, and works with depression, anxiety and stress, offering online therapy.