When the Hour of Mid-life Stroke!

I was 40 years old when the clock of life stroke the first hours of mid-life. From early childhood, I’ve always felt life to be a mystery. Low self esteem related issues, mortality of loved ones, family health concerns not to mention the matrimonial concerns of my parents.

As an adolescent, confronting the future was a challenge…I had dreams but could they ever come true? Can I believe in myself and in my abilities enough to realize them? It was like fighting to torn down the Berlin wall. I felt like a little bird to afraid to fly out of its nest.

Thanks to so many people who believed in me, the journey was long but fruitful… and than came the striking transitional phase of mid-life.... Almost eight years since the first stroke of mid-life when unemployment, physical and emotional burn-out where the key issues that collapsed the floor under my feet.… It was inevitable…six months of total rest… caring about your basic needs as the immediate challenge… and trying to make sense of my life …particularly the last years… In the little village of Verner, where I spend my convalescence, I will always be grateful for the possibility of reading and researching at the library...The bird, back to the nest with broken wings and hurt can care for herself…

It is never too late to instigate renewal into your mid-life concerns!

The journey was long and uneasy...The purpose of this website is to share my experience and discoveries… I want to prove that it is not only possible but that it is also never too late to instigate renewal into your mid-life concerns if you allow the All-Mighty to be the Light House that enlightens your journey...particularly when all you see around you is water…water…water…with no sign of shore in view. May He also be the Light House guiding you towards your shore of hope and life!