Living the Mid-life Spiritual Journey with Faith

I could never picture journeying through this mid-life transition without my faith in the All Mighty. He is my strength and my reason to carry on...Gisèle (webmaster)

Let us put on new spectacles and adjust or soul eyes vision; If necessary, change bifocals, and view life with God’s eye vision.

Sometimes we must let go perspectives, in all humility, and change our rational point of views, and adjust to God’s good Will.

God has no other intention, but to share His love and His Life with those who choose to journey with trust in His tender loving care.

Spirituality is no moral or theological doctrine, faith (from the Greek word (πιστεύω) meaning to confide in or to trust in, is a journey of interpersonal relationship with people obviously but also with the All Mighty, a relationship that implies unconditional and intimate love and forsaking trust. It's no question of right and wrong...


Inspire me Oh Lord, Guide me in my journey, Provide for all my everyday needs, and help me be one with You. May your Spirit help me grow in peace, in love and in serenity through my everyday mid-life struggles.

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