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  • Reaching the mid-life crossroad...

    Why I chose to build this website...

    Mid-life: A difficult but necessary period of transition...

  • Mid-life...the need for therapy...the best kind for you when you feel stuck.

    mental health therapy

    when tempted to commit suicide

    when your thoughts move you into behavioural-hurt when struggling with stress

  • To instigate renewal into your mid-life related concerns:

    The Psychological personally-related Concerns:

    Devastating mid-life losses:

    Recognizing the signs and symptoms

    The grieving process


    The Types

    Mild to moderate


    The triggers



    The signs and symptoms

    The therapeutic approaches

  • Introducing Self Esteem

    What is self-esteem?

    Self-esteem begins in our Parent- Child Relationship

  • Self-esteem related illnesses:

  • Anxiety : Definition

    the components:





    Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

    Panic attacks:

    The triggers

    The signs and symptoms

    The therapeutic approaches

    The Phobias:

    The types:

    performance or stage phobia


    social phobia

    The triggers:

    The signs and symptoms

    The therapeutic approaches

    Overcoming perfectionism

    The types:



    The triggers:

    The signs

    The therapeutic approaches

    Mid-life-renewal: Personality equilibrium between all elements of our personality: body, emotions, mind, heart and soul.

    Mid-life spiritual concerns:

    History of the spiritual journey

    Mid-life spirituality: a call into deeper places..."to explore the vast interior of our soul..."

    The mid-life spiritual related concerns:

    Spirituality and egocentrism

    Definition of ego

    The triggers

    Egocentrism and mid-life

    The mid-life spirituality is a migration journey

    Self-knowledge in the mid-life journey

    Aging during mid-life: a spiritual crisis

    In the core of our mid-life struggles

    The universal malady

    Mid-life: A time of Healing and Transformation: Acknowledging our errors and learning from them

    In your mid-life struggles:

    Learn to look at the big picture when it hurts

    Learn from my mid-life broken dreams

    mid-life a time of assessment...?

    Mid-life: Introducing interpersonal psychologically related issues

    Whether you are a man or a woman you will experience the Mid-life transition to:

    In interpersonal relationships concerns, one of our major issue is communication; Understand the process, its channels and interference.

    Learn how men and women cope differently with stress...discover the different reactions and stress releasing approaches to better increase intimacy in your matrimonial relationship.

    You must own your matrimonial relationship - you are responsible for making it work or it will own you...don't expect your partner to make the first move...find out how...

    The foundation of all relationships is authentic love. What is going on when we are falling in love? Is it really love? What are the characteristics of authentic love and how do we integrate them into our everyday life?