History of the Spiritual Journey

“Spirit is often depicted as separate or distinct from our physical world...spirituality is part of physical...it represents that which we cannot validate with our senses.“


“We are born in a world of nature; our second birth is into a world of spirit.”

Through time and history, humans learned that he could think and could create. As he learned to cope and to discover his world-living environment he felt the need to understand himself. He began to search for the truth about himself: his origin, his mission and his destiny as a human being. As men meditated and studied his environment he reached the following conclusion that as a human he is different from the rest of all living creation in his abilities and in his inspirational needs:

  • for interpersonal relationships,
  • for justice, for peace, for friendship and for love.
  • for eternity.
  • To be confirmed in his intuition about the possibility of an Intelligent Energetic Spirit – controlling all universe wisely.
  • Evolution of the Spiritual Journey

    As Greeks searched for wisdom rationally, as they contemplate the laws of nature and all its wisdom, another nation(Israel) receives the Truth through Revelation. The answer, so-long awaited-for and suspected is given to a man - the father of a new nation - Israel.

    The Spirit - the All Mighty, having spoken silently and instinctively in the heart of mankind through inspirations, now reveals Himself personally to Abraham - for the first time.

    His purpose is to establish a nation that will reveal His Name to all nations; re-establish a relationship of Love and unity with all humanity.

    As He continues to make Himself known to Israel (in time and history) by the prophets and finally through Christ, the All-Mighty confirms that all seeds of living aspirations sowed in the human heart are His authentic inspired gifts (not just the fruit of human's imagination) he wants to share with every human being. He created us for happiness and to live eternally.

    The legendary myths invented by Ancient Greeks revealed this instinctive feeling of an Almighty Being. Interestingly, We notice the progressive spiritual journey as human first interpretated the spirits to be manipulative and erotic, controlling the universe selfishly...

    The Revelation of the All-Mighty wants to establish the Truth about a God-human loving relationship, and to do so, God choses to become one-of-us not only to teach us but also to carry upon Himself all obstacles interfering in the way - including death -in order to destroy it permanently.

    No human could have dreamed of the possibility of such an intimate relationship; the All Mighty had to come and reveal it to us.


    There comes a time in our spiritual journey, when we must recognize the limits to all understanding. Saint Augustin experimented this, one day, as he was walking near the sea puzzled and perplexed.

    A child passes by, sees Augustin and questions him: "Why are you so puzzled?" Augustin did not expect an answer to his question coming from the mouth of a child. The child insisted. Augustin didn't know, that this child was Christ himself - humanly disguised as a child.

    Augustin was trying to make sense of the mystery of the Holy Trinity (three distinctive persons: Father, Son and Holy Ghost together as one God)

    The child gave Augustin a sea shell and asked him to pour all the sea water into the shell - which of course Augustin knows as something impossible to do. The child insisted and Augustin, from this experience, learned that there are mysteries from God's Wisdom that cannot be carried in the limited intelligence of man. God had to reveal them to mankind...This is a mystery of the spiritual journey we must adhere in all humility. So many things we do not understand or feal. That's why we receive the gift of faith.

    As you reach mid-life, you might discover that your spiritual journey might be struggling, be on stand-bye, or even put to the test...perhaps this can even be a time of rediscovery.

    Your mid-life concerns can be hard to swallow at times and we question their reasons for existing. You know the saying : "Nothing happens for nothing". Could these concerns be a wake-up call from the All-Mighty? Can this be an opportunity to question your personal life aspirations, an opportunity to find out where you stand in your search for happiness at the present time? What if happiness might just be something more than you anticipated?

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